South Boston

South Boston borders Downtown Boston and the Boston Harbor. Special features of South Boston include three miles of public beaches, recreational parks, a close proximity to Downtown Boston, and attractive Victorian brick and turn of the century housing styles. While "Southie" has long been considered the heart of Irish Boston, today you will see diversity on most every block. From the three-decker homes to the expansive waterfront of Carson Beach, South Boston offers a family atmosphere while supporting a vibrant business community. The HarborWalk in South Boston offers a variety of unique attractions for visitors and residents alike.

Boston's working port is very much alive on the South Boston waterfront, where visitors might catch fishermen unloading their catch at the Fish Pier, ships being repaired at Dry Dock #3 in the Boston Marine Industrial Park, or enormous cruise ships docked at Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. Beautiful beaches and natural areas provide swimmers a place to take a dip, and miles of unbroken paths are ideal for joggers and walkers. All along the HarborWalk one can find memorials to local heroes, and educational information on the City of Boston and the Harbor. This area of the HarborWalk also offers some of the most spectacular views of the city, with panoramas that stretch from Downtown's glittering high-rises to the distant Harbor Islands.

Use the interactive map below to focus in on sites within the South Boston neighborhood, or download a printable map in PDF format.

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