The Boston Harbor Association (TBHA) is the leading harbor advocacy group working to promote a clean, alive, and accessible Boston Harbor. Founded in 1973 by the League of Women Voters and the Boston Shipping Association, TBHA prides itself in its creative and innovative programs help to educate the public and build a consensus for a clean and alive Harbor.

Boston's HarborWalk is an inviting public walkway along the waterfront, with parks, public art, seating areas, cafes, exhibit areas, interpretive signage, water transportation facilities, and a wide range of other amenities. The Boston Harbor Association works closely with the City of Boston's Environmental Department, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and waterfront property owners to ensure completion of the 46.9-mile HarborWalk.

In 1984, the Boston Redevelopment Authority joined in partnership with the Harborpark Advisory Committee and The Boston Harbor Association to initiate Harborpark focus on the revitalization of Boston's waterfront. The centerpiece of this innovative initiative is the HarborWalk, a continuous public walkway along the water's edge that is, in effect, a re-established shoreline. When completed, the HarborWalk will stretch some 46.9 linear miles along wharves, piers, bridges, beaches and shoreline from Chelsea Creek to the Neponset River.

Improved waterfront access for the public enjoyment is a collaborative effort among City and State agencies, private property owners, residents and harbor advocacy groups. City and State regulations require that new development be set back from the edge of the water, and that a portion of the setback area be improved as a public pedestrian path -- the HarborWalk. The HarborWalk is being constructed incrementally in segments by the City, State and private waterfront-property owners. Currently, the HarborWalk is about 80% complete and is accessible by the public.

The Boston Harbor Association hopes you will visit the HarborWalk and experience for yourself this wonderful area for walking, sightseeing, playing, taking in spectacular views of the Harbor, and so much more!

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